Entrepreneur Journal Entry #8: You Can Do Anything

In this week’s reading one theme I saw was “You Can Do Anything.” While this was the title of a video clip we watched, I also saw this idea in the short address given by Sister Holland.  One quote from here I love is, “The only limitations you have are those you set on yourselves.”…… Continue reading Entrepreneur Journal Entry #8: You Can Do Anything

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #6

This week from the readings I learned more about how to start a business and the knowledge you need to be successful.  I especially loved the article, “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?” and the three areas of knowledge it talked about. While a business degree is not necessary to have a successful business…… Continue reading Entrepreneur Journal Entry #6

Entrepreneurship Jounral Entry #2

This is my second week in the entrepreneur class, and I love it.  There are things I have wanted to learn about for awhile, and I was not sure where to find the answers to my questions.  This class has answered many of them in only the first two weeks.  I hope as I continue…… Continue reading Entrepreneurship Jounral Entry #2

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #1: Entrepreneurs

I have only been in this entrepreneur class for less than a week, and I have already learned so much.  I love how each student is encouraged to keep a blog journal.  I know this is a wonderful way to reflect on what I learn during throughout the weeks.  I know it is something I…… Continue reading Entrepreneur Journal Entry #1: Entrepreneurs