How to add hover pinterest hover button to wordpress blog

For the longest time I tried to learn how to put a pinterest hover button over all of my pictures.  I went to the part of  pinterest’s site which allows you to make your own pin it buttons.  After numerous attempts, I learned these were only usable if you have the paid version of WordPress. …… Continue reading How to add hover pinterest hover button to wordpress blog

Entrepreneurship Jounral Entry #2

This is my second week in the entrepreneur class, and I love it.  There are things I have wanted to learn about for awhile, and I was not sure where to find the answers to my questions.  This class has answered many of them in only the first two weeks.  I hope as I continue…… Continue reading Entrepreneurship Jounral Entry #2

Why Best Friends Matter When You’re an Entrepreneur

Last week I watched a short video called “Lesson 1: Introduction of “Launching Leaders.”  The last part of the video was present by the co-founder of “Launching Leaders,” Jim Ritchie.  As he gave an overview of his program he brief described a few “best friends” These “best friends” included business and discipline books such as…… Continue reading Why Best Friends Matter When You’re an Entrepreneur

How to Blog Like a Reader

I’m more than positive all bloggers read at least one other blog.  Blogs are the best place to find diy tutorials, cooking recipes, and help, tips, and advice on just about everything.  If your anything like me you also pin your favourite posts onto a board in Pinterest.  That way you can go back and…… Continue reading How to Blog Like a Reader

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #1: Entrepreneurs

I have only been in this entrepreneur class for less than a week, and I have already learned so much.  I love how each student is encouraged to keep a blog journal.  I know this is a wonderful way to reflect on what I learn during throughout the weeks.  I know it is something I…… Continue reading Entrepreneur Journal Entry #1: Entrepreneurs