Scheduling Between the Times

You look at your schedule this morning and brace yourself for a crazy day. Classes all day long, work, and then a family function. Dropping one child of at school, then another at the dentist, and then running errands. Meetings, phone calls, home chores. Whatever your life is like, on a day to day bases…… Continue reading Scheduling Between the Times

“Mastery” Book Report

Mastery is something sought by many people in many situations. It could be a musician learning to play Mozart on an instrument. It can be a chef trying to find the perfect combination of spices for a soup. It can be a husband and wife trying to work together to become wonderful parents. Mastery is…… Continue reading “Mastery” Book Report

Entreprenuer Journal Entry #9

I’m excited to complete the entrepreneur interview paper next week. I’ve already meet with an entrepreneur and I’ve started to write the paper. I learned a lot from this interview and have some good advice on what it takes to start a business. I’m glad I had that opportunity to meet with someone about starting…… Continue reading Entreprenuer Journal Entry #9

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #8: You Can Do Anything

In this week’s reading one theme I saw was “You Can Do Anything.” While this was the title of a video clip we watched, I also saw this idea in the short address given by Sister Holland.  One quote from here I love is, “The only limitations you have are those you set on yourselves.”…… Continue reading Entrepreneur Journal Entry #8: You Can Do Anything

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #7

This week, one of the readings in class was “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  The habit which has the most meaning to me is habit #3: Put First Things First.  To me this habit is important because it talks about time management.  There is so much everyone has to…… Continue reading Entrepreneur Journal Entry #7