Blog Post Week 9

This week we learned about hiring people in a business. My favourite part was learning about how to interview someone. I have always looked at this from the view as the person being interviewed. I have never interviewed anyone before, but I have been interviewed before. Understanding what a business is looking for in a job application was beneficial. It will help me later in life we I need to interview someone for a job. It will also help me now for the next time I need to be interviewed. Now I understand the interviewing process a little better, and can better prepare myself for my next interview.

I am making progress in my $100 challenge. I have almost all the money I need, and I have learned a lot through the process. I learned it is important to listen to what customers want to buy. If I am not selling that then they will not buy. They have needs and wants, and if I do not meet those needs or wants, I will have a hard time making profit in my business. I also learned it is important to build a relationship with customers. I need to let them now that I am a human being and not just someone behind a business. I need to be friendly and approachable.

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