Blog Post Week 13

I loved this week of class, because it taught me it is alright to fail. After writing my report about an entrepreneur who failed before finding success, I realise there are a lot more entrepreneurs who fit that category than I first realised. I think one reason is because from failure we build character. We build who we are. If a person failed at three different business before having a successful fourth, they are a different person than when they first started. Each time they fail, the idea is they learn from it. They learn what worked and what didn’t. They learned what they really want to do with a business. They learn who they want to work with. They learn better business strategies. For myself I have learned it is possible I might have more than one business in my life. Some ideas I have may work in theory, but in the business world they may not. That is alright. As long as I am learning from my mistakes, then it is alright to fail.

I am happy to be almost finished with my $100 challenged. I have learned a lot from it. The most important lesson I learned is to never stop or give up.

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