Blog Post Week 10

This week I learned a great deal about process improvement. I learned there are certain things you can do in a business which will make it flow smoother. However, problems can occur in the process and you need to know how to fix them. I think this can also apply to any area in the business. As the business grows, it needs to continue to improve and expand. I think a business should reflect on its performance every once in a while, think of what worked, and what did not, and find a way to improve. Even if there is not a problem in the business, it can be beneficial. Other businesses are growing every day, and your business needs to do the same. Technology improves, social media platforms change, and the business needs to move along with these advances.


I liked writing about the entrepreneur interview, because I love learning from other people. Everyone has a story they can, and experiences they can share. There are many people in the world who have more experiences and knowledge than I do. If I listen to them I can apply it into my own life and business, and improve both.

For my $100 challenge, I am doing well. I just need a few more dollars and I will make my goal.

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