Blog Post Week 7

This week in class we learned about being selfless leaders, and one who leads with love. I realised when most people think about business they do not think of these two things. I know for me a couple years ago I usually thought of businesses as people who were just trying to take my money, and who would be willing to do whatever they needed to for that. However, now I know there is a lot more to businesses than that. That’s not the mentality people should have when they go into business or start their own business. Instead they should be focused on loving and serving people. I know this sounds different than what most people think. However, serving people does not mean giving everything away for free. You can still make a profit while serving and loving people and being a selfless leader.

For my $100 challenge everything is going well. I am continuing to make profit, and I am not quite to the $100 I need yet, but I know I will get there. I have a good amount of inventory and did not need to make anything more yet. That also means I do not need to buy more supplies yet.

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