Blog Post Week 6

This week in class we talked about treating customers well. I think this is an important business topic and one which should be discussed more. Customers are probably the most important part of the business, because without them there would be no sales, revenue, and no reason to continue. There could be a business putting out products and marketing them, but without the customers they are wasting money. If the customers are not happy with your business, they will move on. There are many business and companies which can do what you do. They may not do it as well, but if they treat their customers better, then the customers will go there. While there are general ways to treat a customer properly, each customer is different and has different needs. A business not only needs to meet the basic needs (say hello, help, give clear information), they also need to meet the needs each customer needs.

For my $100 challenge I am slowly making progress. Right now, the important part for me is to let people know that I am still in business and I am still selling. I can continue to make products, but without anyone to buy them they would do no good. Money does not come just because I make a product, it does not appear out of thin area once I give it the finishing touches. The profit comes when I get out of my house and do something.

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