Blog Post Week 5

I enjoyed reading Seth Godin’s “In Praise of the Purple Cow” this week. It made me think about somethings around me which I just accept as, that’s the way it has to be. I like the example he gave about the paint can, and those who developed a new design knew a paint can did not have to be a big metal chunk which was hard to carry, open, and pour from. Instead they changed it and made something easier to use. I think sometimes we get stuck in the status quo or sometimes traditions. There are way things are done in this world, and a lot of them could be done differently, but we just accept that as something we have always done, and so do not think to improve it.

This week was interesting working on my elevator pitch for the $100 Challenge. I thought it would a little easier. I am glad it took some work because now I feel I have improved myself. I received some feedback for it, and I would have liked to receive more, but am thankful what those who did comment on it.

I have made a couple sells for my small business. I am hoping to get more over this next week. I think for now in the $100 Challenge, I am doing well.


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