Week 3 Journal

This week for my $100 Business Challenge I wrote a business plan. It is not as detailed as I hoped it would be, but as I start and grow my business I am hoping to fine tune it so it is even more useful to me. I also know as I go along the way I will gain experience and think of things I did not before which will be useful to my business plan. Before writing my plan I felt a little frantic about my business idea. I had thoughts in my head about how it would work and run and how I would accomplish everything, but I was not sure how well my ideas would work. After writing all my thoughts down and then organising them into a plan I now feel more confident about my future business. If there is anything I learned from completing this activity, it is, a business plan gives a business vision and purpose. This plan helped me understand why I chose the business I did and how that business would be useful or successful. After finding the why of my business I fond it much easier to create a path than before. While I know my plan is not perfect, it is a start. It will help me take my first steps towards creating my business.

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