Week 2

This week for my $100.00 challenge I realised I have a lot more business experience than I thought. When I was younger, I decided business was the last thing I wanted to do, because it sounded boring. I just decided it was not for me. So when I started studying business I was not too pleased, but I knew it is what I needed to do, so I stuck with it. However, looking back on my life now, I realise business is great for me to study. When I wrote about why each of my top 5 business ideas would be successful, I mentioned I had some experience in selling or doing business in that area. I’ve made and sold different crafts. I’ve taught piano and networked to find more students. People ask me all the time if I have a business for several of my expertise. Thinking about all of this, I realise I’ve been a business minded person for more than I thought. I am not brave enough to say this is what I was born to do, but looking back I my life, it makes sense for me to study business, and I feel I have a lot of potential for it.

Also, to make a report about my $100.00 challenge. I’ve decided to make and sell jewellery. Some of it will be historical inspired because I live in an area that is rich in history. Then some of it will be my own designs which are not historically based.

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