Week 1

This is the first week for writing in my Entrepreneur Journal for B 283, but this is the end of the second week and I love this class. When I first read the course description and learned we would start our own business I thought it would be hard. I know we are not far into the course and hard times will come but I feel I can face them with more confidence now.

This week for my $100.00 challenged I brainstormed ideas for starting a business. I realised there are many ideas and many ways to brainstorm. I liked thinking of “points of pain”and the opportunities around me to help me think of business ideas.  At first I thought it was hard to come up with 40 business ideas, but then once I started thinking more and more ideas came.

I love that we will write in our journal each week. Writing is one of the biggest ways I think, and it is a great reflection tool. It helps me clarify my thoughts and helps me understand what I think.

For my entrepreneur book report next week I am reading “Poke the Box”by Seth Godin. I love the way Seth Godin writes it. It does make sense when you read it cover to cover, and it is suppose to, but you can also pick it up start reading at any bolded lettering and still learn something from it. If you only read that one section you have a lot to think about. I also like how each paragraph is only a few sentences long. I have not finished the book but I am excited to. I’ve already started on the paper and I am excited to finish it.

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