My Blogging Bucket List

Yesterday I posted about how and why you should make a blogging bucket list.  I thought it was only fair that I should share mine.

If there are some ideas you like, please feel free to put them on your own bucket list.

This blog is fairly new, so the bucket list for it may seem very basic.  Over time, as I complete these goals, I will rewrite another bucket list and post it.

What are some items on your bucket list?  Please share in the comments below.

  1. Stick to my daily blogging schedule
  2. Create worksheets/hand outs for each post
  3. Be better with photography
  4. Have an instagram
  5. Have a twitter account
  6. Become a better leader
  7. Write 100 posts
  8. Gain 100 followers
  9. Find a schedule which encourages me to blog consistently
  10. Become a guest blog
  11. Have a contest and give away
  12. Have a an email newsletter
  13. Inspire others
  14. Learn to write persuasively
  15. Learn to code better
  16. Become confident in what I write
  17. Create a cute 404 page
  18. Write an awesome about page
  19. Build a bigger writing vocabulary
  20. Show my funny side
  21. Design my own website
  22. Monetise my blog
  23. Become a pro at SEO
  24. Make a decent yearly income
  25. Create a great blogging network
  26. Organise! Organise! Organise!
  27. Write a book about my blogging success
  28. Post every day for one month
  29. 1,000 in a month
  30. Write a blog mission statement
  31. Learn to write the way I talk
  32. Make posts easy to find
  33. Update an old post
  34. Create a brand
  35. Share stock photos anyone can use
  36. Create blog headers anyone can use
  37. Create side button templates anyone can use
  38. Find a way to relieve blogging stress
  39. Sell printables on my blog
  40. Share more about myself
  41. Be more relatable
  42. Create a week by week blog schedule
  43. Learn better self editing
  44. Make a blog series
  45. Create content calendar and stick to it
  46. Create photo templates for blog’s pictures
  47. Create blog post title templates
  48. Create media style guide
  49. Make business cards
  50. Grow blog through social media


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