Entrepreneur Journal Entry #8: You Can Do Anything

Journal Entry #8

In this week’s reading one theme I saw was “You Can Do Anything.”

While this was the title of a video clip we watched, I also saw this idea in the short address given by Sister Holland.  One quote from here I love is, “The only limitations you have are those you set on yourselves.”

This seems like the clear solution to achieving any goal: Don’t limit yourself.

If that is all there is in order to become happy, successful, a doctor, a race car driver, or whatever we want, then why do we set these limitations on ourselves?

One way to find the solution is to use “The five whys.” According to Eric Ries, in order to find a solution, you need to ask, “Why did this happen?” Then you ask, “Why did that happen?” You continue on five times until you find the root cause of the problem. Then you fix the root cause and you also fix the other four problems.

Putting these two ideas together we might find something like this:

A woman wants to start an online jewellery store, but does not feel she can.

Q1: Why does she fell she can’t open a jewellery store?
A1: Because no one would buy the jewellery.

Q2: Why wouldn’t anyone buy the jewellery?
A2: Because it isn’t good enough or pretty enough.

Q3: Why isn’t the jewellery good or pretty enough?
A3: Because I can’t make it look good or pretty enough.

Q4: Why can’t you make it look good or pretty enough?
A5: I don’t know how.

Q5: Why don’t you know how?
A5: I never learned.

This is just one of several possible scenarios. The answer to question 1 could have been, “because I don’t know how to start a business.” Then the line of questions would have continued down that theme.

However, in this scenario we see this woman does not have self confidence in the products she would like to sell because she never learned how to make them the way she wants.

The solution to this root problem is simple. In order to start her business she needs to learn more about jewellery making. There are lots of books, videos online, and other sources she can learn from. Finding how to do this will not be hard.

Making the jewellery the way she wants may take time and hard work, but the solution to this root problem is simple.

From here we see the observation Sister Holland made is true. In this scenario there were no uncontrollable factors. The only reason the woman did not achieve her goal is because she had not sought out the knowledge she needed. No one can do that for her. There are those who can help her learn techniques and skills, but no one can learn for her.

While a lack of knowledge may interfere in our goals and desires, something else I think is another large problem is self confidence. Without self confidence a good idea is only a good idea; it will never become a great solution, or the best invention.

Self confidence allows us to drive our motivations. Through self confidence we see our full potential. We don’t care about other peoples’ judgment; we know times will get better; and we know there is always a positive way to think.

This is the most important thing I learned this week. Everyone is capable of much more than they realise. If we want to become something great, or do something great, the only thing stopping us is a lack of imagination on how to achieve that goal.

While this is a very positive way to think, I am still learning how to always keep that thought on my mind. For the most part I am a pretty happy and positive person, but I do have days when I’m not. There are days when I feel because of one mistake or one reason, I can’t do anything.

One day I would like learn how to always think of myself as an individual who can do anything. I would one day always think the only reason I am not succeeding is because I am limiting myself.

While I am not there yet, I am working towards that goal, and I will continue to keep the words of Sister Holland in my mind.

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