Entrepreneur Journal Entry #7

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #7: Seven Habits

This week, one of the readings in class was “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  The habit which has the most meaning to me is habit #3: Put First Things First.  To me this habit is important because it talks about time management.  There is so much everyone has to do.  I do not know anyone who is not busy.  It is the goal of everyone to finish everything on their to-do list.  However, in order to do this they need to prioritise.  Habit #3 teaches to put all your activities into four boxes.

  1. Important and Urgent
  2. Important and Non Urgent
  3. Urgent but Not Important
  4. Not Urgent and Not Important

I know from my personal experience when I organise my schedule this way, I feel less stressed.  For example, in my school work, I know exactly what needs to be accomplished and when.  If I have a project that is due in a week I know I should work on, and a quiz due tomorrow, I focus on the quiz.  Both are important because they both effect my grade, but the one is more urgent because it has a closer due date.

One habit which I have not mastered yet is Habit #7: Sharpening the Saw.  This habit talks about stepping back from your busy life for a moment and re-energise yourself.  I am a busy person and I like stay busy.  I get nervous when I have nothing to do.  Until I read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” I never thought of taking a moment to relax before getting back to work.

While I am still getting use to the idea, it makes sense.  Every week I use Sunday as my Sabbath.  I use this day as a Spiritual renewal .  I put aside my work, school, and other distractions, and I focus on my relationship with God.  This Spiritual renewal helps me prepare for a busy week.

While I have applied “sharpening the saw” to my spiritual life, Stephen Covey also says to do this physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  I do not have all the answers yet of how I will do all that, but I am seeking to find out now.  I know this is a good habit to have, because it allows my body and mind to rest.  It prepares me for the work I have ahead of me.

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