Entrepreneur Journal Entry #6

Journal Entry #6

This week from the readings I learned more about how to start a business and the knowledge you need to be successful.  I especially loved the article, “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?” and the three areas of knowledge it talked about.

While a business degree is not necessary to have a successful business that does not mean anyone can just jump in blindly.  They need knowledge of their industry, how to raise money, how to interact with customers or clients, how to build strong connections with other businesses, and much more.

While at the moment, I know this is good knowledge to have, and there is much more which goes into starting the business, I don’t have all that knowledge right now. It is something I look forward to learning as I continue to study in this class and as I gain more life experience.

I also learned this week the importance of balance in life.  Starting a business is a worthy goal, but how much effort goes into it.  When beginning this adventure it is important to remember what is most important: God, and family.

The business I one day start will be a large part and influence in my life, but I need to remember that God and my family comes first. While I don’t know how to balance all these aspects of my life yet, I know one day I will.

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