Entreprenuer Journal Entry #5

Entrepreneur Journa #5: Perseverance

This week as I worked on my personal board of advisers it really made me think about who is important in my life, and who I admire.  This assignment was not the easiest for me in the beginning because I could only think of a couple people.

This week we also learned about perseverance.  In the address “Perseverance,” given by James E. Faust, he says,” Perseverance is demonstrated by those who keep going when the going gets tough, who don’t give up even when others say, “It can’t be done.”

I have never been the best perseverer.  I am great at starting things, but not really at finishing them.  I get excited when I start a new project or activity, and I stay with it for a while, but then my interests turns to something else.  I am trying to learn how to persevere and I hope the lessons I learned this week will help me as I acquire that skill.

I believe this is a wonderful skill for entrepreneurs to have.  Starting a business and career may sound exciting in the beginning, but what about two months or a year later?  There is more to entrepreneurship than starting a business, endurance in the business is also important.

This week we also watched a video titled, “The Hero’s Journey.”  I loved the questions the speaker asked part way during the video: “Have I contributed something meaningful? Was I a good person?  Who did I love? Who loved me?”  These reminded me of the questions asked in the Stars and Stepping Stone assignment.  I think these are important questions to think about as I set long term goals.  Goals which set out to do some are important and help us grow, but goals which set out to make us become something make us grow even more.  It is a good goal to start a business, but it is an even better goal to think about the type of business man or woman you want to be.

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