Entrepreneur Journal #3

Entrepreneur Jounral Entry #3 Integrity

This week in class we learned about the importance of ethics and honesty.  I had the opportunity to write my own personal code of conduct.  I needed to list at least three “I will always…” phrases and at least “I will never…” phrases.   I knew I could write something easy such as “I will always be kind,” or “I will never lie.”  While these are both worthy statements, I knew I could do better.  I thought of the person I am and who I would like to be a few years.  I thought of my own personal standards, and then wrote down my statements.  As I continue through this class I will keep this list close and I hope to find more phrases I can use to really enhance my personal code of conduct

My favourite reading this week is “True Blue, Through and Through” by Sheri Dew.  In this address, Sheri Dew talks about the importance of integrity.  This has application not only to our personal lives, but also in our entrepreneur, business, and career lives.  One comment which shows this, is when Sheri Dew spoke to a group about leadership.  After the presentation one woman came up to Sheri Dew.  “You know,” she said, “I’ve never thought about the connection between leadership and integrity. But I guess it really is impossible to lead people if they don’t trust you.”

I know in my life I will have many leadership opportunities.  If I want people to trust me I need to act with integrity.  Integrity is much more than being honest and telling the truth, it is a personal commitment to live a certain way.  For me, it is my commitment to live by God’s teachings.  It is also a commitment to live by my family rules.  It is living the standards I set for myself in my personal code of conduct.  Integrity is standing by those standards no matter how unpopular, how crazy, or unrealistic others view them.

If a leader says he stands for something, but then easily sways to the complaints or opinions of others, does he really stand for what he says he does?  Can he be trusted when he gives his word?  No, because he does not act with integrity.  He does not live by his personal standards.

Integrity is something everyone needs to live by.  We all have different ideas of the right way to live; but there are basic just principles such as honesty, kindness, keeping the law we can all agree on.  Whatever we decide is the correct way to live for ourselves, we should always act with integrity and stand by that decision.

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