How to Create a Blog Bucket List

For one of my business classes I had to create a bucket list.  While it seems like everyone has one, surprisingly I had never made one before.  The only reason I even have one is because of that class.

In some ways it was an easy assignment, and in other ways it was not.  Anything could be on the bucket list, but 50 items needed to be included.  I don’t know if you ever sat down to write 50 things you want to do, but it is more than you think.  Maybe it is easier for other people, but for me it required a bit of work.

Fortunately that was the purpose of the assignment.  The reason we had to list so many dreams and goals is to learn what we valued the most.  It was not only a way to show what we wanted to do with our lives, but also a self discovery exercise.  I had to think of the things which truly mattered to me.  What did I want to do with my life and why?

After I completed my bucket list I thought it would be great to have a blogging bucket list.

How to crea

Why Create a Blogging Bucket List?

Creating a blogging bucket list will help you learn what you want for your blog.  You may know you want to grow your blog, but you may have no idea where to start.  You may know your website is not the most user friendly, but you may not know how to fix it.  Creating a blogging bucket list will help take care of that.  When you write down what you want to accomplish, you will see what you can work on.

Go ahead, sit down and make a list of 50 or more things you want to do with or for your blog.  Here are some ideas of what to add to get you started.

What is the purpose of your blog?  What do you want to achieve with it?  Who do you want to inspire?
Posts you want to write
Do you want to have sponsors?  If so who?
Do you want to guest blog?

Number of followers
Number of comments
Number of views

Blog Look:
Are you happy with how it looks or could it be better?

Skills you want to learn:
Time Management

Be an Awesome Blogger:
What kind of presence do you want to set?
What do you want your readers to think of you?


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