Entrepreneurship Jounral Entry #2

This is my second week in the entrepreneur class, and I love it.  There are things I have wanted to learn about for awhile, and I was not sure where to find the answers to my questions.  This class has answered many of them in only the first two weeks.  I hope as I continue through this class, I will find more answers to my questions, and more questions, and more answers to those questions.

Entrepreneur Journal Entry #2: Dreaming.  My Cup of Cheek

In the readings this week I learned how entrepreneurs need a path to follow.  They may have some idea of what they want to do, but they need to be specific in order to get there.  They need to decide what they really want and plan how they will reach their goals.  From that, they can decided what paths to take in order to find their dream destination.  Everyone has something they are meant to do in life, and if you believe that, they you must also believe there is a way to accomplish it.

This week I also read and watched a clip from Randy Paush’s “Last Lecture.”  I think he was able to achieve so many of his childhood dreams, because he had the right mindset and attitude.  When he came to canyon which seemed impossible to cross, or “brick walls” as he calls them, he did not give up.  He held tight to his dream.  He knew it might take awhile, and sometimes he focused on other goals at the time, but he never forgot his dream.

When impossible road blocks came into his journey, he didn’t say, “It was a nice dream, but I can’t do it.”  He asked, “How can I do it?”
When he wanted to go into zero gravity, but wasn’t allowed to go with his team, he did his research.  He read NASA’s regulations and discovered who could go with the team.  Then he made pivots in his plan according to the information he found.

I think it is important to dream.  Dreaming is more than goal setting; it is creating the impossible.  Then when you reach that impossible height, you pave the way for others to reach even higher.  Dreaming is imagining what your life, or others’ life could be like.  It mergers the imagination of the mind and the passions of the heart into a glorious new idea.  Dreaming and following the dream improves creativity, cures boredom, and is the guide to a life of a well rounded education.

One of my childhood dreams is to learn Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt.  I always thought it would be fun to read hieroglyphs.  This is something I’ve dabble in over the years.  My parents gave me a book on how to study them for one of my birthdays, and I started reading it.  Then other more important things came into my life, and I stopped studying as much as I should.  I looked through the book every once in a while, but I never gave my dream the proper attention it needs to become a reality.

Languages come rather easily to me, especially the hieroglyphs.  They just make sense to me.  Egyptian hieroglyphs are arranged in a precise way.  Everything needs to be in certain rectangular form, and I understand why the Egyptians organise them in that way.
I know I can achieve this dream; however, if I really want to achieve this dream, I need to dedicate more of my time to it.

 My Cup of Cheek

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