Why Best Friends Matter When You’re an Entrepreneur

Last week I watched a short video called “Lesson 1: Introduction of “Launching Leaders.”  The last part of the video was present by the co-founder of “Launching Leaders,” Jim Ritchie.  As he gave an overview of his program he brief described a few “best friends” These “best friends” included business and discipline books such as “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, and “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason.

Jim Ritchie said “Great leaders usually have a lot of great friends.  And great friends are by definition people who lead others to higher ground, while at the same time helping them enjoy the journey.”

Why Best Friends Matter When You're an Entrepreneur

Why do great leaders have great friends?  Can’t someone be successful all on their own? No, they cannot.  It is from best friends that leaders, and entrepreneurs learn new ideas and values.  Everyone gets their ideas from somewhere.  Everyone has a favourite teacher who inspired them in someone.  Everyone know someone who taught them at least on lesson in their life.

Best friends are people, books, principles, quotes, and ideas that inspire you.
In the beginning of your journey they are there to encourage and tell you you can do anything.  They help you find and refine your goals and teach you how to reach them.  Along the way they structure and discipline you so you can reach your goals.  They teach you the new skills you will need in order to survive and thrive.  When you fall of your path, they are there to cheer you on and remind you what you are fighting for.  They are there for you when you have a bad day or when you feel discouraged.

Knowing best friends are important is one things, but finding them is another.  Where do these great people hide?

Books are your best friends on your entrepreneur journey! www.mycupofcheek.wordpress.com

An entrepreneur can find best friends in books.  Jim Ritchie suggest a couple books he favoured.  These books, and others like them are meant to aid entrepreneurs along their journey.  Any book which teaches values, principles, disciplines, or a sound way of think can be your best friend.  A simple search on the internet easily pulls up such books, but not everyone has the same best friend.  It is the entrepreneur’s decision whether a book he reads is his best friend or not.  He must decide for himself if the things he reads are the definition of a great friend: that which leads him to higher ground, and helps him enjoy that journey.

Historical Figures are your best friends on your entrepreneurship journey! www.mycupofcheek.wordpress.com

Best Friends can be found from the past.  There are several historical figures who have the same desires, hopes, and dreams.  Entrepreneurs should search for these individuals and learn about their journeys.

Modern Figures are your friends on your entrepreneur journey! www.mycupofcheek.wordpress.com

Entrepreneurs may not even have to look very far into the past to find such people.  They can also look for modern day role models who achieved the same goals.

Everyday Individuals are your best friends on your entrepreneurship journey! www.mycupofcheek.wordpress.com

Maybe your best friend is someone you already know, or a stranger you meet on the street.  Maybe you meet someone at the grocery store who was kind and help you picked up the groceries you dropped.  Then you wrote that experience down in your journal and decided you wanted to strive to be as kind as that person.
Maybe their is a family member, friend, or neighbour you always go to for advice.  Maybe you know someone with a skill you would like to inherit.  Seek out these people and learn from them.  If you know they can answer questions you have, ask them.  If you want them to support you through your journey, be a good friend to them as well.

Whomever they may be, find your best friends.  Soak in their wisdom and listen to their advice.  They can help you pursue your path and follow your goals.

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