How to Blog Like a Reader

I’m more than positive all bloggers read at least one other blog.  Blogs are the best place to find diy tutorials, cooking recipes, and help, tips, and advice on just about everything.  If your anything like me you also pin your favourite posts onto a board in Pinterest.  That way you can go back and easily find that inspiration again.

Whether you are a professional blogging, or just getting started, reading blog posts is a great way to find inspiration on how to write a blog post.  Yes you can look at the style, voice, and content, but I’m going to talk about something a little different.  The next time you read a blog post, instead of definitely analyse the post, but also analyse yourself. 

How to Blog Like a Reader.

“Analyse myself?  What does that mean?”  Well I’m glad you asked, because this post will show you how to do that.  I mean think about your thoughts and feelings about how the post is organised and laid out. Then apply this to your writing and think of yourself as a reader when you edit your post.

Now I want you to be completely honest with this question, “When you read a blog post, what do you like to see?”

This might be a little vague, so we will break it down.  But make sure to keep that question in mind through out this post.

Blog Like a Reader!

When you read a blog post do you:
Like the words in large chunks and paragraphs?
Like the words in small chunks and paragraphs?
Like more words than pictures?
Like more pictures than words?
Like 100-400 words posts?
Like 500-1000 word posts?
Skim the post for the basic idea?
Skim the post to find the picture you saw on Pinterest?
Like the author to invite you to comment about a certain topic?
Like important information in bold so you can skim through the article easier?
Like Pinnable graphics?
Like links to related topics embedded through out the article?
Like the text to be on the side or centred?

When you answer this ideas it will give you a nice idea of how you want to write a post.  These are not every question you can ask yourself while you read a blog post.  Write your own questions.  Keep them close to you and answer them whenever you read a blog post.

Blog Like a Reader!

When you read a tutorial do you:
Read the entire thing the first time?
Like reading about how the author came up with the idea for the cool craft/idea?
Skip that part and the instructions to merely look at the pictures to get the basic idea?
Like before and after pictures?
Like to see someone wearing the clothing if it is a sewing tutorial?
Like detailed step by step pictures?
Like only a couple pictures?

Personally I do not usually read the entire tutorial.  If I want to know if it is something I’m interested in pinning or creating later.  I usually skip the instructions, read the supply list, and look at the pictures.

I’m not saying you should only have pictures and a few words about how to make your craft, but keep how you read these posts in mind.

Blog Like a Reader!

This one is similar to tutorials, but it is a fairly common topic to write about, so I thought I’d give it its own category.

When reading a cooking recipe do you:
Like to read about how the author came up with the master piece?
Like pictures of before (all the ingredients) and after (the baked product)?
Like a list of the ingredients?
Like to read about optional ingredients or variations of the recipe?
Like step by step pictures of the cook placing each ingredient in the bowl?
Like only a couple pictures?
Like to hear about how the cook, and their family, and friends liked the recipe?
Like to hear what the cook would try differently next time?
Like to hear if the cook had to try the recipe a couple times to perfect it?

I read cooking recipes like I do tutorials.  I do not usually read the whole article the first time.  I glace over it and see if it is something I am interested in.  I want to know the ingredients, so I know if I will even like it.  I want to know how long it will take to prepare and cook.  I want to know the basic idea of how to make it.  For me pictures help a lot when I am reading with this mind set.

How do you read cooking recipes?  Ask a couple other friends how they read these types of blog posts.  How do you think your readers read this types of posts?

Blog Like a Reader!

Round ups are very popular, and I am sure you will write at least one in your blogging journey.

When you read round ups do you:
Like pictures of each post?
Like only the links?
Like the authors ideas and input about the posts?

Another question to consider is “How many posts in a round up is too much?  When do you stop scrolling through?”

For me I usually stop by the 20th post.  I prefer round up posts to be short, with maybe 10-15 posts total in them.  I know other people have different opinions, and that is why there are round up posts with 50 or more post in them.

Decide what you like.  What do you think is best for your blog and your readers?

Blog Like a Reader!

Now that you’ve gone through these questions, right them down.  Add other ideas of how you like a blog post to look.  Then incorporate them into your writing.  If you don’t like a 1,000 word post, because you think it is long and boring, then don’t write one that long.  Write a 400 word post instead.  If you think that is too short write a 500-600 word post instead.

If you don’t like to write a lot but still want a longer post, add lots of pictures.  The possibilities are endless.

The next time you read a blog post, whether it is tutorial, recipe, or just an informational article, think about what you see and if you like it.  Then the next time you write a blog post, think back to the article.  Think about yourself reading your blog post and write like a reader.

My Cup of Cheek

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