Entrepreneur Journal Entry #1: Entrepreneurs

I have only been in this entrepreneur class for less than a week, and I have already learned so much.  I love how each student is encouraged to keep a blog journal.  I know this is a wonderful way to reflect on what I learn during throughout the weeks.  I know it is something I will refer to often, and continue to write in, even after I complete this class.

From this class I look forward to learning about myself as I write my personal business ethics and ponder my life goals.  I also look forward to meeting the other class members and hearing their ideas on the subjects we learn.

Entrepreneur Jounral Entry #1: Entrepreneurs. My cup of cheek

This week I learned how everyone is an entrepreneur.  We all have a desire to create and shape the world. We all have a desire to improve our lives.  Even if one does not plan to open their own business, I know it is a useful topic to learn about. An entrepreneur has skills such as adaptability, self discipline, net working, problem solving, and organisation.  These skills are needed  in homemaking, business, relationships, and all other areas of life. These are skills everyone needs in order to succeed in their career.

Entrepreneurs continually seek ways to improve themselves.  They know there is always more to learn, and there is always a better way to do whatever they are doing.  A good entrepreneur evaluates himself from time to time, discovers areas to improve in, and then finds a way to strengthen that weakness.

This mind set can help me even if I do not start my own business.  It can help me in my career because it means I will always try to improve my skills, networking, and situation.  This can prepare me in job interviews, leadership positions, and finding ways to improve my employers company.

This mind set can also help me in my personal life.  It means I understand my weaknesses as an individual, and I will continually seek for ways to improve them.  Thinking this way prevents pride and allows me to take suggests from books, friends, and colleagues with an open mind.

This semester I look forward to continue learning about this way of thinking and applying it into all areas of my life.  I also look forward to learning more about what entrepreneurs are and how everyone can become one.

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